Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jesmond Library

Jesmond is one of the unfortunate libraries in Newcastle council's cross hairs. Today, I decided to brave the icy pavements and slip along to take some photographs.

The entrance of the library taken from across the street.
I like the sixties building and I'm glad that it wasn't modernised on the outside. The library underwent a £40,000 interior refurbishment in 2011 including automatic doors, a new public toilet, a community meeting room and £5,000 worth of new stock.

In May 2011 Nick Forbes, the Leader of Newcastle Council, said,
“I am delighted that the residents of Jesmond will soon be able to use their newly refurbished library. The building is a valuable resource and these improvements have helped provide better access for everyone and will generate more community use. The refurbishment complements the distinctive architecture of the building, bringing it up to date with the latest technology.”
In 2013, it seems that Jesmond Library is no longer "a valuable resource".

The library was quite busy whilst I was there. There were a few people using the computers, someone reading the papers and many people coming and going, borrowing and returning items.

The interior of the library with the fiction titles shelved on the curved Eastern wall of the building.

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