Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cruddas Park Library

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

The Library seen from outside the shopping centre.

When I got off the bus in the West of the city, I was rather taken aback by Cruddas Park Shopping Centre which is where the local library is located. The dispiriting exterior of this small shopping mall does not suggest that the library which can be accessed through the mall is really rather pleasant.

The interior is warm and bright, the library assistants were very welcoming when I walked through the doors, there was a local history photo display and lots of information about the local area, there are plenty of comfortable chairs to sit on, sufficient computers and even a coffee machine.

Cruddas Park Library has received quite a lot of publicity concerning its proposed closure, in part, thanks to support from North East based, crime writer, Ann Cleeves. The library hosted a crime-themed event on National Libraries Day with both Ann Cleeves and Scottish crime writer, Val McDermid, in attendance. Let's hope that their support and the support of the local community can help avert the proposed closure.


  1. Thank you for stopping by to comment on my blog earlier, I hadn't stumbled on yours until today but I'm delighted to have found another lover-of-libraries. I visited all the doomed libraries in Leeds a couple of years ago and was so saddened to see that most were wonderful little community resources but were guilty of the crime of needing a bit of upkeep or a little updating. Such a shame to see them go and those who need them cut off from the tools that can help them. I hope Newcastle is a better story.

  2. Thank you for your comment, yours is the first comment I've ever received:)

    I saw the section about Leeds libraries on your blog. It's so sad to see the same situation repeated all over England (I don't know what the public library situation is like in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland). Newcastle Council is still discussing the proposed cuts to our library service and hopefully pressure from the increasingly creative, anti-cuts activists will pay off. Save Newcastle Libraries even organised a protest sleep-over in City Library last weekend. You can see more about this story here: