Monday, 11 March 2013

Zoladdiction - The Emile Zola Reading Challenge

Zoladdiction, hosted by Fanda at Fanda Classiclit and O at Delaisse, will be my first ever reading challenge! As I have never attempted a reading challenge before, I thought I would start small. The event takes place throughout the month of April and you can join Zoladdiction  at varying commitment levels:
  • 1st level: Maheude (reading 1 book)
  • 2nd level: Gervaise (reading 2-3 books)
  • 3rd level: Nana (reading 4 books or more)
I don't know why I haven't read any Zola before. My favourite literary movement is realism and as far as I can tell, naturalism, of which Zola was the master, is an extension of that movement. Bearing this in mind, I have a feeling that Zola is going to be absolutely fantastic - I hope I haven't set my expectations too high!

I intend to attempt the second level: Gervaise, and read two books. I have already managed to find a second-hand copy of Germinal and if I can't find a copy of The Masterpiece I will borrow it from the library.


  1. Thanks for participating! I hope you'll be contaminated to Zoladdiction when April come... :)

    Germinal is a very good start, and I'm going to read The Masterpiece too for this challenge. It's always interesting to read a semi-autobiographical novel of a great author, isn't it?

  2. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Masterpiece. It's the book that I am most interested in reading.

  3. Hi from another person taking part in the challenge. *waves* Reading challenges are so much fun, especially when it's an author that we're all discovering and exploring together this way. Look forward to seeing how you get on!

  4. Hi,
    I first came across Zoladdiction on your blog (thanks!), which then led me to Fanda Classiclit.

    I'm looking forward to reading Zola, and I feel that I will learn a lot from seeing how other bloggers engage with and respond to the text.

    Maybe this will be the first challenge of many more.