Friday, 16 August 2013

The Never Ending Book

Take away a book from the art gallery

I visited Tate St Ives art gallery last weekend and had the pleasure of viewing and interacting with The Never Ending Book 2007 an installation by American conceptual artist Allen Ruppersberg

This work consists of brightly coloured boxes, benches and tables which have cardboard boxes placed on them. Each box is filled with A4 photocopies of pages of books from Ruppersberg's personal library and visitors are encouraged to sift through and collect six sheets to take home as their own 'book'. As I was visiting the gallery with someone else (who is not as interested in collecting random pieces of paper as I am), I was lucky enough to take home 12 sheets.

At home, I cut down some of the sheets to postcard size, found some coloured paper to form the cover and bound my chosen sheets into a commemorative book.

I found another review here about a visit to The Never Ending Book and they also bound their collected sheets into a book. However, I noticed that the number of sheets they were allowed to collect was different when they visited back in June. 

I wonder what other visitors do with their chosen sheets apart from binding them into books?

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