Thursday, 6 February 2014

National Libraries Day 2014

Love your library!
Saturday 8th February is National Libraries Day. What's your library doing to celebrate the event on Saturday?

My library, which is part of the Libraries West consortium that runs over 100 libraries in Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire, is entering anyone who withdraws three physical items on Saturday into a prize draw to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I plan to visit the library anyway on Saturday and will probably borrow more than three items, but I can't say that the prize sounds that exciting. Instead of offering a "must-have" piece of consumer tech as a prize can you imagine how thrilling it would be to have the chance to win an atlas like this or a dictionary and thesaurus that could grace anyone's home library for years?

In addition to "adult prizes" there are a number of events taking places, such as treasure hunts, that are suitable for children.

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